What’s Included?

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What's included in my pool package?

Our fully installed fiberglass pools include:

  • Permits: required by county. Delivery, and DOT permits included. (note: surveys, engineer stamps, or environmental permits may be extra.)
  • Pool: Fiberglass shell
  • Excavation: Excavation based on flat yard
  • Plumbing: 2-inch hard PVC plumbing lines for better flow and efficiency
  • Returns: As standard by the manufacturer
  • Pump: Pentair Superflo Variable Speed High Performance
  • Filter: Pentair Sand Filter
  • Sanitizer: Automatic Chlorine Feeder
  • Lights: minimum of 2 color-changing LED lights (note: lights are rated by pool size; we use the medium size)
  • Skimmer: Large-mouth skimmer for improved efficiency
  • Ladder included on any pool over 7 feet deep without a bench in the deep end
  • Equipment Pad: included for proper setting of all equipment
  • Maintenance Equipment: vacuum hose, vacuum head, wall brush, leaf net, pole, test kit, backwash hose
  • Fill Water: 1 Load of 6,000 gallons of water included to set pool; extra water is $425/load
  • Backfill: 100% Stone Bottom and stone backfill up the sides of the pool, no sand or clay
  • Well Point: included on every fiberglass pool—important if you need dewatering around the pool
  • Crane: Standard crane is included up to $550
  • Optional: We can install an automatic pool cover to protect your swimming pool.


River Pools

The River Pools warranties cover both structural and surface issues. If structural failures occur due to workmanship or material quality the warranty will cover the cost of draining, bracing, refilling, and treating the pool. Furthermore, if osmotic blisters appear within the 15-year warranty period that will be covered as well.

Sun Pools

All Sun Pools fiberglass pool shells are backed by a structural shell warranty. This means that the interior surface has 3-year coverage, and the warranty is transferable within the first 36 months. The warranty is also limited to the terms and conditions outlined by Sun Pools Inc.

What Makes Parrot Bay Different?

In short, it’s our people and their commitment to your pool.

We want you to have a great experience, from the first time you browse our site, through the buying and installation process, and throughout the life of your pool. Our mission is to get as many people into Zen as possible, so we work to make it easy to buy, build, and maintain a pool that will bring joy to your family for years to come.

Unlike other pool builders, Parrot Bay goes above and beyond in the following ways:

  1. We handle your permitting process.
  2. Our fiberglass pools are built with 2” plumbing for better water flow and efficiency.
  3. Our pools are built with hard PVC.
  4. Our fiberglass swimming pools are 100% set and backfilled with gravel—not sand or clay.
  5. Our pools have concrete fill and gravel under the tanning ledges, so they do not settle or crack over time.
  6. All of our River Pool installations are built with Rhino Roc installation procedures.
  7. All installations are handled in-house for complete control—no subcontractors! We not only build your pool, but we have 3 Class-A CDL drivers on staff to truck and haul your pool and gravel.
  8. We give you complete access to your project timeline from an app on your phone where you can communicate with anyone assigned to your project at any time with the click of a button.
  9. We offer a wide variety of low-maintenance and energy-saving options such as variable-speed pumps and saltwater pools.
  10. We have a beautiful design center in Benson for you to explore all of your selection options.
  11. Our clients receive a 3-year warranty on pool equipment when purchased in a set of 3—such as pump, filter, salt system, and heater.

Ready to buy your pool?

Head over to our Pool Package page or Pool Selector Tool to choose the pool that’s right for you! Then, schedule a video consultation with one of our salespeople to complete your purchase or make an appointment to visit us at 194 Federal Road EXD in Benson , NC to see even more options such as pool tile, water features, fiberglass pool colors, and more.