About Parrot Bay Pools

Parrot Bay Pools was founded on the principles of the love for stress-free living and building strong relationships .

There was also a real need for a pool builder who would do great quality work in the area. What we love most is the ability of a pool to bring a family together—to put the screens down, get outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and relax and have fun together. Parrot Bay Pools is fueled by the knowledge that we’re empowering families to make great memories and build great lives together. Always remeber, if you bring your same stressed-out self to your backyard, the pool won't add value to your life. So use this opportunity to look inwards and challenge yourself to breathe and relax, especially throughout the construction process.

Parrot Bay’s heart doesn’t stop there, though.

While the business began simply because we knew we could build a better pool, it has continued because it has a mission that drives it.

While traveling in a developing country, we saw firsthand what a luxury it is for us to swim in clean water. People in other countries walk miles and miles to get fresh water to cook and bathe with—water that often isn’t even clean!

Being brought face to face with this reality broke the hearts of the Braddy family—at both the unfairness they were seeing and at the grace they had been given to help. Being born in the U.S. grants us automatic access to fresh, clean water. Our lives could have been wildly different if we had simply been born to different parents somewhere else in the world.

Because of this, for every single pool Parrot Bay builds, we now sponsor a well in a village in an underdeveloped country.

Each pool we build represents so much more than family fun, which is awesome in and of itself. It also represents another family—possibly on the other side of the globe—cooking for the first time with accessible, clean water.

While we’re not sure what the next level will be for us or our pools, we hope you’ll join us by purchasing a pool to help create a ripple along with us. A drop in the bucket can create ripples in the world.

Awards & Certifications

We have earned our reputation for building high-quality and unique pools. We do not take your build lightly, and our pool contractors personally oversee and manage the quality control of your project. Over the past decade, we have earned many national, state, and local accreditations and awards as pool builders.

Partner with Parrot Bay Pools

Our mission, our integrity, and our quality are reasons you can feel great about choosing to partner with Parrot Bay Pools. If you’re ready to bring your dreams to life, Parrot Bay is ready to help you. Simply select your pool, schedule a consultation with one of our installation representatives, and we’ll have you swimming before you know it!