Inground Pool Cost

Wondering what your pool budget should be? You’re not alone. We highly recommend getting your financing in place before you start selecting pool features, so here we’ll discuss what you can expect to spend when installing an inground pool in North Carolina.

Our fiberglass swimming pool packages can fit all tastes, budgets, and backyard sizes. Pool package prices typically range between $65,000–$120,000 for fiberglass styles (see the What's Included page to view everything included in our standard pool package). Vinyl pools typically cost a little less up front but there are long-term expenses associated with vinyl liner pools. Concrete pools are the ultimate custom, luxury experience. With your bespoke backyard oasis comes a higher price tag. For those that want water slides, outdoor kitchens, or infinity edges, you'll likely want to choose a concrete pool.

3 Factors that Affect Inground Pool Cost

Inground pool cost is dependent on 3 main factors: size, features, and the pool contractor. Our pool cost calculator can help you budget your inground pool costs:

Pool Size

The first thing you will do when shopping for a fiberglass pool is select your pool size, which is the biggest determining factor in the cost of the pool. Fiberglass swimming pools come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Sizes of fiberglass pools range from very small 10×12 "spools" to large 16×42 diving pools and can include many options.

A pool that is a 32’x16’ will cost more than a 20’x12’. Depth also dictates the inground pool pricing. Let’s say 2 customers have a 32’x16′. If Customer A has 6ft depth and Customer B has 8ft Depth, Customer B will have to pay a bit more. Tanning shelves also increase fiberglass swimming pool costs as well as zero edges which add about 25% more to the inground pool cost.

Pool Accessories and Features

Beyond the normal tools like the skimmer, vacuum, scrubber, filter, and chemical kit, a pool owner will also need to decide what construction features to add on. Depending on your needs, you may only desire the features that come standard on your new pool. However, other owners might wish to have a very detailed and different design from anyone else. Pool structures are highly customizable and can fit all your design and structural needs.

Choose from structural features like tanning ledges or a diving board, water features like a waterfall, or lighting features like deck lighting or underwater lighting. All of these things can be added to your fiberglass pool and will affect the price. For a full breakdown of available features, visit our Pool Accessories page.

Choosing a Pool Contractor

Hiring a swimming pool contractor comes with many different phases of its own. The cost of an inground pool in NC depends on your pool builder. Each one will differ based on your location and the service you expect to receive before and after the sale. Do you want a pool contractor with a physical location and service vehicles so they can maintain and warranty your pool after it is built? If so, this type of contractor will likely cost more than a pool builder working from his truck without support.

Check out Facebook, Instagram, and social media accounts to see what different companies are building and read what their customers are saying about them. Are they using quality materials and practices, or are they using cut-rate materials and cutting construction corners to keep their prices down—leaving their customers on the hook for costly repairs?

When it comes to budgeting the cost of your inground pool in North Carolina, choosing a pool builder is key. You should feel comfortable with the swimming pool contractors who will be in your yard, and you should trust that they are going to do right by you.

Inground Pool Cost: Vinyl Liner Pools

The most affordable option in the Parrot Bay Pools lineup, vinyl liner pools are a great choice for those who want to create a backyard oasis without a major investment upfront. Vinyl liner pools of the past were a bit underwhelming, but they’ve made great strides in just the past few years. Now, vinyl liner pools can look as sleek and stylish as a fiberglass pool, though they will require more maintenance and be prone to rips and damage, which may add up over time.

Keep in mind that while there are some options for customizing a vinyl liner pool, you won’t have as much say as you would in a custom fiberglass or concrete pool. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective pool and don’t mind an in-stock option, vinyl liner pools may be the answer. And, if the cost is still a bit high, Parrot Bay Pools financing can also help with these options.

Inground Pool Cost: Fiberglass Pools

For those looking for a pool that checks many of their boxes but remains budget-friendly, a fiberglass pool is a perfect fit. Fiberglass pools are more cost-effective, low maintenance, customizable, and durable. While their life expectancy isn’t quite as long as that of a concrete pool, fiberglass pools can still last for as many as 30 years. Plus, they are low maintenance, saving you money in the long run on both upkeep and repairs.

If you decide on a fiberglass pool, you’ll also get to start enjoying yours a bit sooner: Installation can start in as little as 30 days when you buy from Parrot Bay Pools. The total cost and installation time, though, will depend on whether you opt for a custom fiberglass pool or one of our in-stock options. No matter what you decide, Parrot Bay has a fiberglass pool for you.

Though they are less expensive than their concrete counterparts, fiberglass pools can still be a big investment. Parrot Bay Pools financing options may help you get the pool of your dreams without you having to worry about the full cost upfront.

Inground Pool Cost: Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are a popular choice for homeowners in North Carolina because of their impressive durability: When maintained properly, they can last up to 75 years. That longevity comes at a bit of a cost: Concrete pools are the most expensive option on the market. However, the cost doesn't just come with a long lifespan.

Concrete pools are the most customizable types of swimming pools. At Parrot Bay Pools, our team can even help expand the luxurious feel of a concrete pool, with outdoor seating areas and luxury outdoor kitchens to accompany them.

If your heart is set on a concrete pool but you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge on the full cost, Parrot Bay Pools may be able to help with one of our swimming pool financing options.

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Inground Pools from Parrot Bay Pools

The process of building an inground pool in NC requires numerous steps. Here at Parrot Bay Pools, we understand how to make pool installation a smooth process!

We have helped thousands of customers go through the process and know everyone is different. In addition, customer satisfaction has always been one of our top priorities. We take pride in our inground pools, which are made with quality materials by our professionals. We service areas across North Carolina including Raleigh, Benson, Sanford, Pittsboro, Fayetteville, Smithfield, and more.

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