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Fiberglass Pool Accessories and Features

Even though fiberglass pools are prefabricated, and you therefore have some limitation as to what you can create in your dream backyard, they come with tons of options that you can choose from to make your pool unique and enjoyable for your family. From tanning ledges to water falls and beautiful lighting features, the choices can get overwhelming.

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to take you through the options so you can decide what you can’t live without and what can be left off your pool purchase.

Here are a few of the most common additions:

What Pool Features Are Available?

We’ve compiled a list of accessories and features you can add to your swimming pool below. Take a look through this exhaustive list to get ideas for your pool project:

Structural Features

A fiberglass pool’s structure cannot be customized to your liking, but many accessories and options can be added on. Consider these artful and functional options for your pool.


This is an important feature to decide upon. You have a few options for the way you enter a pool: stairs or steps (a simple structure descending into the water), beach entry (a gradual descending entryway beginning at an open section of the pool down into the water), or a tanning ledge area (shallow area of water to lay or play on).


Adding handles, railings, or a bar is an important aspect of your pool’s safety, because it allows swimmers to enter without slipping.

Pool Slide

A slide is a popular feature for those with children. A straight slide (forward-facing descent), a winder slide (a slightly twisting descent), and a spiral slide (a 360-degree wraparound descent) are three options to consider.

Diving Board

A diving board is also a great accessory to add for kids. A short board and a long board are two options, and don’t forget the railing for safety!

Pool Fence

Pool fences are for security and peace of mind when you are not home or near the pool. These are especially important if children are in the vicinity.

Pool Mosaics and Tile

Pool mosaics are generally only for visual appeal, but they can add function as well. Children or the elderly can use them to navigate stair placement as they enter. They can also help by indicating the shallowness or depth of the water. Mosaics can be animals (like turtles, dolphins, or octopuses) or shapes (like a water drop, star, or other design).

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a small area of shallow water (1-4 inches) for laying while working on a tan. This shallow water area is designed to keep you cool. This can be a part of the actual pool or added to the side.

Pool Covers

You can choose to install an automatic pool cover to protect your fiberglass pool.

Water Features

Water features are fully customizable and add beauty and functionality to your pool. Here are the top options to consider.


Pool fountains can either be a structure inside the pool body or on the outside wall spraying into the pool.


Pool waterfalls are continuous cascades of water falling into the pool. Rock or metal frames can be positioned on the rim of the pool for water to fall, such as water bowls or waterwalls.


A pool bubbler is similar to a water fountain, but the difference is it’s a shallower and wider column of water erupting from underneath the surface. These are mostly used in shallow shelves, spas, and pool steps.


A pool spillway is similar to a waterfall, but the difference is instead of water being pumped into the pool by an external device, water overflows or “spills” into the pool from another pool or spa.


A pool cascade is an art or function piece with water flowing down rocks or other visually-appealing arrangements.


Pool streams are jets of water squirting over or into the pool from the edge. These are generally used for visual effect. In the industry, the most popular options are deck jets and laminars.

Vanishing Edge or Infinity Edge

A pool vanishing edge is where the water flows over one raised edge of the pool into a basin (and then pumped back into the pool), so it appears that the water never ends.

Light Features

It’s best to have adequate lighting around the pool so you can see what’s under the water at night. Options for this include floodlights and bright LED lights. Additionally, proper lighting enhances visuals around your pool. Include lights in bubblers or streams to illuminate your pool. Here are options to consider.

Deck Lighting

Pool deck lighting includes bright lights around the pool deck so swimmers can see the edge, stairs, and handles.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater pool lighting can be used both for safety and visual appeal. Underwater lights illuminate what’s beneath the surface. These can be white or colorful.

Light Color Customization

Colored LED lights in and around your pool can create an enticing atmosphere for your swimmers. Use colorful lights such as blues, greens, oranges, yellows, and purples to keep your guests coming back for more.

The Best Pool Features for You

Only you can decide what pool features are best for you and your family. Each pool is different from the other. Accessories and features are what make them different. Consider these topics as you plan your pool design: