Inground Pools

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Which Pool Will You Choose?

Parrot Bay Pools offers all types of inground pools. There are so many options to choose from and our trained consultants can help you select the pool of your dreams. With inground pools, the sky is the limit so be sure to schedule a consultation so we can walk you through the options of types, sizes, shapes, and pricing.

One of your biggest decisions will be the type of pool you choose. We have a large selection of both vinyl and composite pools in many shapes and sizes. As well as custom concrete options.

Since this is one of the most frequent questions we hear from our customers, here is a little more information about these types of pools:

One benefit of a vinyl liner is its cost. It’s your most economical choice starting in the 55k range. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. You can chose from an assortment of beautiful print patterns that are sure to please.

Composite pools are made of extremely durable fiberglass. Generally, composite pools require less upkeep than vinyl liners. They also last longer. The biggest downside of composite pools: they are more expensive than vinyl liners. Our Fiberglass inground pools start around 65k.

Concrete Pools are the most customizable but also the most expensive ranging from 100k and up.

We will help you design the best pool for your money. Call us for a free estimate. If you are interested in financing, we have options to meet any budget.