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The swimming pool industry is growing and highly in demand.

Working with Parrot Bay's owners gives you access to proven business strategies as well as construction knowledge that is second to none.

Parrot Bay helps you focus on providing more liquid fun to families in your area with ready-made strategies, so you spend more time working on your business rather than in it.

Why choose to work with Parrot Bay over other franchise options?

It’s simple—we don’t just give you the tools to run a successful business, we also give you the tools to run a successful life. People spend their whole lives trying to figure out how to separate their business and personal lives and they are rarely successful at it. We coach you on the formula to be successful in business and in life. Working with the owners of Parrot Bay as consultants for your business allows you the opportunity to provide not only a wonderful life for yourself, but it also teaches you how to create a world-class culture for your employees without losing sight of the most important people—your family. Don’t have a family yet? No problem! We can help you build a business machine so that you have time for them when the opportunity presents itself. Our consulting is custom to each client. Our clients have access to on-site, hands-on training, as well as world-class website and marketing options.

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Already have a business you want to turn around or need help tweaking?

If you’re not quite ready for a franchise but would like help with your existing pool business, we also offer business coaching with monthly mastermind sessions. We can help take your fledgling business and turn it into a highly profitable machine that will change your life. E-mail us for more information.

Why are we more expensive?

Because we are worth it. We offer mastermind sessions, business and culture coaching, as well as marketing assistance. If you want a full-circle solution, this is it. You do not need to rent or own a physical location to work with Parrot Bay. You just need to have a strong desire to be a stellar human. If that describes you, come join us! Your life will never be the same.