At Parrot Bay Pools, our Clayton pool contractors focus on integrity, customer care, and taking pride in our work. We offer only the best vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass pools from trusted manufacturers - so you know you’re always choosing longevity and luxury. Ready to relax? Our current inventory of in-stock fiberglass pools can be installed in as little as 30 days! We’ve mastered the fiberglass pool installation process, meaning we won’t ever leave your backyard torn up for months! We also have options to customize an inground pool for you and your family. You can trust our Clayton fiberglass pool experts to build your backyard oasis.

Why Choose Our Clayton Pool Contractors?

Serving Clayton, NC and the surrounding communities for over two decades, Parrot Bay Pools has established itself as one of the best swimming pool contractors in North Carolina. We have transformed thousdands of homes by installing resort-style swimming pools that make each day feel like a vacation.

Why We Prefer Fiberglass Pools

We install vinyl liner, concrete, and fiberglass swimming pools in Clayton... but our Clayton pool contractors prefer the power of fiberglass. Why? Because fiberglass pools are durable, easy to maintain, and quick to install! No need to leave your backyard torn up for months! Many of our in-stock fiberglass pools can be installed in as little as 30 days!

When you install an inground fiberglass pool, you are choosing the highest quality material for your at-home haven. Let our Clayton pool contractors work with you to build a beautiful, long-lasting space for you and your family to enjoy.

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In-Stock and Custom Fiberglass Pools

At Parrot Bay Pools we choose the highest quality pool manufacturers to build our customers’ swimming pools. We partner with only top-of-the-line pool manufacturers to provide seamless fiberglass pool installation.

Learn more about our available fiberglass pools in Clayton by looking for our pool-buying resources below or by exploring the in-stock pools and custom-made pool options on our site.

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Resources for Buying an Inground Pool in Clayton

Are you looking for a pool installation company that puts your Clayton property’s needs as well as your and your family’s design aesthetic at the forefront?

At Parrot Bay Pools, our experts in fiberglass pool installations are available to answer any questions or concerns you have about installing a new fiberglass pool at your home. Check out our information about pool installation and costs, take a quiz to determine which pool is right for you, explore available pool features, and more below!

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Clayton Fiberglass Pool Installation FAQs

Is a vinyl pool better or worse than a fiberglass pool?

It’s true that a vinyl liner pool is the cheapest type of pool to install, however, at Parrot Bay Pools we believe the extra investment in a fiberglass pool pays for itself over time.

Vinyl is a far less durable material than fiberglass, and its paper-thin material is prone to rips and scratches from people, tree branches, pool toys, or random debris. In addition to having a very fragile liner, vinyl liner pools can wrinkle, tear, attract algae, and cost between $4,000-$5,000 in repairs every 5 to 7 years.

When it comes to fiberglass pools, they excel in the following areas when compared to vinyl:

  • Take only a few days to a few weeks to install.
  • Made of fiberglass materials that are gel coated, making the need for repairs rare.
  • Not prone to algae collection.
  • Materials do not absorb pool chemicals, meaning fewer chemicals are needed and your pool maintenance budget is lower.
  • Costs for maintenance are low.
  • Installation costs and the cost of the pool itself are less expensive than a concrete pool.
  • Prefabrication can include steps, seats, ladders, ledges, or other design features.
  • Customizable options include surrounding pool decks, color choices, and a variety of shapes and sizes.
What shapes do fiberglass pools come in?

Fiberglass pools are customizable and can come in a variety of different shapes from classic linear, kidney-shaped, free-form, oval, Roman, or a combination of any of those shapes and more.

Are fiberglass pools difficult to install?

Fiberglass pools are one of the easiest pool types to install because once the ground is prepared for the pool delivery, the entire shell of the fiberglass pool can be lifted by a crane and installed into the ground within minutes. Fiberglass pools are also easier to level than many other pool types, and once in the ground are simple to maintain. If you have any questions about the pool layout, excavation process, delivery options, installation process, or more, you can contact us and one of our pool installation experts would be happy to assist you!

Will my Clayton home’s value increase once I install a fiberglass pool?

Anytime you add a new structure to your home it will usually add some value to your house for resell. On average, a fiberglass pool will increase your home’s value by between 5%-10%, oftentimes adding up to $50,000 to your asking price once it hits the market.

Does Parrot Bay Pools offer financing options for Clayton homeowners?

Yes! We understand that not everyone can pay for their new fiberglass pool out of pocket. Because of this, we offer a variety of financing options to choose from to make the process of paying for your swimming pool easier than ever.

Our Clayton Pool Contractors' Service Areas

Our ready-made and custom-built swimming pool contractors and pool construction experts are proud to serve Clayton and many other cities throughout North Carolina and parts of South Carolina, including Fayetteville, Apex, Fuquay-Varina, and more. Be sure to check our service areas page for a comprehensive list of the NC towns we serve.

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We are proud to serve North Carolina. If you’ve been considering purchasing a brand-new inground pool for you and your family, look no further than Parrot Bay! Our experienced and talented pool contractors have built hundreds of pools for homeowners throughout North Carolina. We want to build you the pool of your dreams that will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

  • Jennifer Strickland
    Thank you guys for such a wonderful family pool! We had placed a deposit with another company in February and after months of no return calls cut our losses and were so afraid to try someone else. We really wanted a pool and so went with Parrot Bay and were swimming within three months of signing our contract! We waited more than that for a return call from the previous company! Just go with Parrot, they cost a little more, but are well worth the money.
    Jennifer Strickland
  • Elzetter Norris
    Absolutely excellent service. From the start to finish Mrs. Shelly Roper was phenomenal. She guided us to the perfect fiberglass pool for our family. From the details of color of pool, choice of salt filtration, style of slide...etc she was such wonderful help. Parrot Bay's personnel provided top quality service, paying close attention to every little detail. They helped us take our ugly useless backyard and turn it into a family oasis!!! We would highly recommend them to meet your family's needs!!!
    Elzetter Norris
  • Dennis Crouch
    We love our new pool! We called so many companies and no one would call us back or give us good service and Bradley was great from the first e-mail! You wait your turn and then all of a sudden you have a pool in the matter of two days. It's awesome!
    Dennis Crouch
  • Jude Hannon
    Exceptional service throughout the entire process. The team's work is unmatched, and everyone you encounter is knowledgeable and extremely interested in making sure you get exactly what you set out for. I would highly recommend Parrot Bay Pools for an upcoming project to the point where if I ever move I will be contacting them to install another high quality pool. Thanks Parrot Bay Pools for your work and dedication to making sure my family enjoys a beautiful retreat in the comfort of our very own backyard.
    Jude Hannon