Time to Build Your Swimming Pool and Have Your Best Summer Ever

Posted on January 23rd 2018 04:04:36 PM

Now is the best time to schedule your pool installation. Will your backyard be ready for your BEST SUMMER EVER?

fiberglass pool concrete pool Raleigh, NC

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How to Choose the Right Pool Contractor

Posted on December 15th 2017 07:38:00 PM

You’ve been dreaming about a new inground pool for months, if not years and now you’re ready to hire the right pool builder. You know exactly what features you want (a zero-entry for the kids, a hot tub for you, and a tanning shelf because, why not?). You’ve set the budget, considered where on your property the pool will go and now you’re ready to move forward.

You’re ready to hire a contractor. (Cue the spooky music.)

Seriously, though. It’s nothing to be afraid of. Your pool contractor is your partner, and will help you make sure your project comes in on time, on budget, and with few surprises. (We can’t promise NO surprises. When you’re digging holes in the ground, they sometimes happen.)

To choose a quality builder/contractor, ask the right questions. (It’s not an interrogation, but knowing what you need to know is certainly helpful):

  • How experienced are you, and the people in your company, at building pools?
  • What products do you use, and why?
  • Will you work with me on the design of my pool?
  • Is your company licensed?
  • Do you warranty your workmanship?
  • Do you have a contract I can review?
  • What’s the price to build the pool I want?

And, frankly, there are some things you just don’t need to worry about when you’re hiring a pool contractor. For instance – understand great pool companies come in all sizes. Don’t rule one out because you think it’s too big or too small. Don’t rule out a contractor if they use subcontractors, either. It just means they’re using the best people available to get the job done. That should make you happy. (Smile. We know there’s one in there.)

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about checking references. There are important questions to ask. You’ll want to know:

  • If they recommend this pool builder, and if they’d use them again.
  • The type of pool and options they had installed.
  • What went well during the construction experience – and what didn’t.
  • If the project was completed on time and on budget.
  • If there were any problems with the project, and how the contractor handled it.
  • If the builders showed up on time, and were courteous while they were there.

There are a lot of things to think about as you get ready to install a pool. Hire the right contractor, and cross some of that worry off your list. After all, you don’t want to end up like Tom Hanks, trapped in a month’s long “two-weeks” nightmare.

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Free Swimming Pool Buyer’s Guide

Posted on November 3rd 2017 07:31:00 PM

There are so many reasons why purchasing your own swimming pool can make a positive impact in your life. We hope this swimming pool buyer’s guide helps you understand the pros and cons of the three types of swimming pools. Your own swimming pool is the ultimate lifestyle enhancer. It provides a valuable balance to your life, and the centerpiece of family fun. There’s simply nothing else you can add to your home that comes close!

Take a vacation, everyday.

No more expensive flights or long car trips sitting in traffic to unwind. Just walk out your back door any day of the week!

Know where your kids are.

How much are you spending to keep your children entertained while they’re home from school during the summer? Give your kids endless entertainment right at home – and always know where they are.

Stay healthy.

Having your own pool is like having your own health club! Swimming can burn more than 400 calories an hour (and you don’t have to drive to the gym). You can de-stress with a quick dip after work. Even just sitting by the pool on a summer evening can be a great way to relax.

Make a splash entertaining.

From a family-friendly pool party . . . to an adults-only gathering with wine, grilling and great conversation . . . a swimming pool provides the perfect atmosphere to entertain memorably!

It’s easier than you think.

There are different types of pools to fit a range of budgets. It’s also easy to obtain financing with affordable monthly payments – both for purchasing your first pool and remodeling an existing pool.

A valuable addition.

A swimming pool is the ultimate enhancement for your home’s value. It will pay valuable benefits every day you use it, and even more when and if you choose to sell your home.

And, of course, just for the enjoyment!

There are several main types of inground pools that can be installed in your backyard. Here are some general guidelines about selecting a pool type.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools are one-piece shells that can be “dropped in” to your yard in a very short period of time – just 3 to 5 days in most cases. They are well suited to areas with cold weather seasons because the flexural strength of fiberglass prevents cracking during freezing-thawing cycles.

Fiberglass swimming pools come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and can include many options such as perimeter tile, inlaid tile, tile mosaics, Crystite® pool finishes, built-in water features like cascades and streams, fiber optic and LED lighting, vanishing edges, and in-floor cleaning systems.

In addition, fiberglass pools act as a natural insulator, requiring less electric/gas to heat the pool. Algae are less prone to attach to the smooth surface of a fiberglass pool, requiring less chemicals and maintenance. In fact, estimated maintenance costs over 10 years are less than one quarter of the cost for a gunite pool.

Fiberglass Pool Pros – Quick and simple installation. Variety of shapes and styles. Smooth finish means no skin abrasions. 17 times stronger than concrete. Non-porous surface resists the problems associated with imbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance, labor, and electric and is algae resistant.

Fiberglass Pool Cons – Higher cost than vinyl liner pools.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Also known as packaged pools, these consist of components, including wall panels, braces, steps and a vinyl liner, that are assembled together to create a swimming pool. These types of pools are typically “engineered,” meaning they are designed and produced to predefined standards in a controlled factory environment. All components are designed to fit together.


The two most popular materials for the wall panels, braces and steps are steel and polymer. Steel packaged swimming pools are generally less expensive than polymer swimming pools; although, other factors, such as decking and extra accessories, can add to the overall cost. It is frowned upon to use steel walls with a salt system due to corrosion.

The Liner

A custom-made sheet of vinyl is installed over the polymer or steel walls and steps. There are many advantages to vinyl liners:

They make all surfaces of your pool smooth to the touch.

They cannot crack like a concrete pool and never need repainting or re-plastering.

You can choose from hundreds of beautiful designer patterns.

Vinyl Liner Pool Pros – Easy to maintain; less expensive; variety of liner patterns available and soft to the touch; engineered to standards; repairs are typically quick and inexpensive; many shapes and design options available.

Vinyl Liner Pool Cons – Liner eventually needs to be replaced.

Gunite Pools

Gunite or concrete swimming pools are often used in commercial applications, such as hotel swimming pools. Gunite pools require acid washing and re-plastering.

Installation of a gunite swimming pool can take several months. It is the most expensive type of pool to install and maintain: monthly pool service is required, as is excessive use of chemicals and electricity. Estimated maintenance cost over 10 years is over $16,000.

Gunite Pool Pros – Flexibility of design options, such as vanishing edges and swim up bars; high-end look.

Gunite Pool Cons – Textured surfaces can be uncomfortable and abrasive; typically most expensive type of pool; lengthy construction time; very expensive to repair; surface can attract algae and bacteria, and can discolor.

Parrot Bay Pools offers pools from entry level to resort luxury style pools and everything in between. Our customers trust us to provide them with quality residential and commercial pools and hot tubs, top-notch service and maintenance, quality supplies and fast, proven solutions to their questions.

To learn more about Parrot Bay Pools and Spas and our record of excellence, take a look at the rest of our website and contact us for a free pool consultation in our showroom or at your home!

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The First Step to Building a Great Pool is a Great Consultation Copy

Posted on November 3rd 2017 07:12:00 PM

When you take the plunge and decide to increase your home’s value by building a great swimming pool, the first thing that should happen is a bunch of long conversations.

The first thing a great builder does is ask questions and listen. How do you want to use the pool, mostly for entertaining or for splashing around with you kids? How much space do you want for furniture around the pool? How many months a year will it be open? Are you more concerned with upfront costs or maintenance expenses farther down the line?

The swimming pool consultant who doesn’t spend time asking these questions plus a whole lot more is either unimaginative, inexperienced or, more likely, trying to sell you whatever he’s trying to get rid of in the back.  

If you’re considering installing, you’re doing it at the perfect time of year. Once the summer rush ends, prices drop, schedules ease up and we can dedicate our entire team to your project. Give us a call, we’ll talk about the difference between concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools installation and we’ll figure out what’s right for you. We’ll discuss the options and how they fit into your ideas, priorities and budget.

We’ll show you the different colors, patterns and swimming pool accessories.

Remember, pool builders should be listening, not selling; asking questions, not promoting. If the first step you take toward building a great swimming pool design isn’t dialogue, you’re talking to the wrong pool builder.

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Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool

Posted on October 9th 2017 10:37:00 AM

5 Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool

Written by Parrot Bay Pools & Spas

5 Tips For Properly Closing Your Swimming Pool

1. Adjust your pH level to the correct level for your type of pool.

2. Adjust your calcium and alkalinity to required levels.

3. Clean the pool. Remove all of the debris and brush the walls.

4. Add your winterizing chemicals including algaecide.

5. Adjust water levels and winterize plumbing lines based on the manufacturer’s instructions and install your cover.

As always call Parrot Bay Pools if you need to utilize our swimming pool closing services Fayetteville 910-429-0086 or Fuquay-Varina 919-322-4065.

Receive your free water test with closing kit purchase.

Visit one of our stores for closing chemicals, winter covers, waterbags, and more.

1629 N. Main Street Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

3011 Town Center Drive Fayetteville, NC 28306

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Dreaming about landscaping your inground pool

Posted on September 29th 2017 10:37:00 AM

Slip on your coziest pajamas. Grab your sleeping mask and sip your chamomile tea. It’s time to dream … about the landscaping you want around your inground pool. Sleep tight …


Let the sound machine play soothing forest sounds while you dream about … plants. Plants can add to the look and feel you’re trying to create around your pool, from lush to modern and everything in between. You’ll want to think about built-in planters, potted plants, grass and even trees. Be sure to consider shade and dropping foliage, though, or your planting dreams will turn into nightmares.


Counting sheep jumping over a fence … and jumping into your inground pool? Good. Think about what that fence looks like, and the level of safety, security and privacy it provides. It’s an important part of your landscaping plan. Plantings can also play a part in the privacy you create around your pool.

Rocks (Yes, really.)

It may seem like a bad dream … but it’s not. Rocks, boulders and pebbles can enhance the beauty of almost any pool landscaping project. If you use smaller rocks and pebbles, though, be sure to use them in areas far away from the pool itself so they won’t accidentally enter the filtration system and wreak havoc. Boulders should be integrated from the beginning of the project, or they’ll look like an afterthought. And you’re probably going to want to use more than one.


It’s almost time to wake up … so it must be time to dream about lighting around your pool. Not only does lighting enhance the beauty of your pool and your landscape, it increases safety. Solar or wired garden lights are popular options, as are tiki torches.

Good morning! Time to rise and shine, enjoy some breakfast (Or brunch. Or maybe lunch. We don’t judge.) and commit those ideas to paper. Share them with your pool designer or landscaping professional, and start making those dreams a reality.

Visit one of our showrooms to make your dream a reality.

1629 N. Main Street Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

3011 Town Center Drive Fayetteville, NC 28306

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Enjoy an above ground pool this season

Posted on July 31st 2017 07:00:00 AM

The traditional swimming pool season in most of the country is Memorial Day through Labor Day. The end of May through early September. That’s it! But some of us are lucky enough to live where the weather is a little warmer. Where the sun shines a little hotter and the summer lasts just a little bit longer.

For us, the swim season lasts beyond Labor Day. And that means if you’ve been thinking about installing an above ground pool this year, it’s not too late. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy it this year before the weather turns cool.

Above ground pools are a great, affordable way to add family fun to your backyard. Parrot Bay offers above ground pool kits to fit a variety of budgets, in several round and oval sizes so you can choose the model that will best fit your needs and your yard.

Our kits include everything you need to get swimming this season, including the pool and liner, pump, filter and sand, ladder, skimmer, maintenance pole, vacuum head, wall brush, leaf skimmer and chemical test kit. Upgrades for automatic cleaners and covers are also available.

You can install an above ground pool yourself, or have our professionals do the installation for you. Depending on your location, you may need to secure a permit for your new pool. If you live within a city or town, you’ll need to follow your community’s guidelines for above ground pool installation. We can offer some guidance in this area if you need it.

Finally, many people choose to build a deck around their above ground pool. Some do that immediately following installation, while others choose to wait until the season ends so the deck will be ready for the next summer. Either way, there’s plenty of time left this year to have an above ground pool installed and enjoy hours of family fun before the North Carolina summer ends.

Your Ultimate Swimming Pool Store

Posted on July 24th 2017 07:00:00 AM

Parrot Bay Pools is your ultimate swimming pool store. Whether you’re looking for pool services, supplies, accessories – or a new pool – you can trust Parrot Bay.


When you own a pool, you don’t want to spend all your free time maintaining it. We offer a variety of pool cleaning and other services so you can spend your time IN your pool, instead of working on it.

Season Supply Chemical Service: Save money and hassle – let us determine the perfect chemicals for your pool, and offer you a bulk rate with a full season’s supply. We’ll even deliver.

Preferred Service Pool Cleaning: Let us test and balance your water weekly, backwash your filter, vacuum your pool, brush the seats and walls, and clean the basket. You get a sparkling pool without the hassle.

Salt System Cleaning Service: Our Preferred service, plus routine salt system maintenance.

Pool Openings and Closings: Properly opening and closing your pool is important to the long-term dependability of your pool and it’s systems. Let us help you get your pool open quickly and correctly, and close it down safely and properly.

Supplies and Accessories

Chemicals: We offer several lines of pool and spa chemicals and other supplies to keep your water fresh, healthy and balanced all season long. Ask us what products are right for your pool.

Covers and Cleaners: We carry convenient automatic pool covers, and safety covers for pools of all sizes. We also carry Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, for incredibly easy and thorough pool cleaning.

Floats and Games: If you’re looking for quality pool floats and games, you’ll find them at Parrot Bay.


And of course, we sell pools and liners! Whether you’re looking for an above ground pool, or a vinyl or fiberglass in-ground pool, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about our pool installation area and options. We’re happy to help you select the pool that best fits your yard and your budget.

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Yes, a hot tub IS right for you

Posted on July 17th 2017 07:00:00 AM

Are you wondering if a hot tub is right for you? If it makes sense for you? How it would fit into your life?

We might be able to help with that.

Just imagine …

  • On summer evenings, soaking in your hot tub while the lightning bugs blip around your yard
  • Enjoying a quick, energizing dip with your morning coffee before work
  • A nice, leisurely water massage on a cool weekend morning, while the sun rises and the mist drifts across your lawn
  • Watching the football game – from your hot tub
  • Stargazing on a chilly winter night from your warm spa
  • Letting the powerful jets soothe away the aches and pains from your workout
  • Relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day at work
  • A romantic date night, complete with mood lighting and music

The options are endless, really. A Marquis hot tub offers so many features and benefits, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

We can help …

At Parrot Bay we can help you choose the Marquis model that best fits your lifestyle and your budget. Compare the Signature, Vector21, e-Series and Celebrity lines for jet configurations, lighting, and other features that will help you get the most out of your spa experience.

For example, some models offer High Output Therapy Zone jets for targeted hydrotherapy and the ultimate massage experience. If skin care is a concern, Microsilk technology can be added to some models – it’s a full-body oxygen treatment that can increase skin metabolism and cell growth, deep clean pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and help relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Take your hot tub experience to the next level with an optional built-in stereo with BlueTooth connectivity, an LED lighting package, and more.

Are you ready to embrace a new way to start your days? A new way to end your evenings? A new way to spend time with your family, decompress after work, enjoy the game, and ease those after-workout aches and pains? Stop by one of our locations today.

Swimming Pool Math Games

Posted on June 26th 2017 07:00:00 AM

If you have preschool to elementary aged children, you may be always looking for opportunities to help them learn in fun and inventive ways. So how about helping them practice math while playing in the swimming pool Raleigh NC? They might not even catch on to what you’re up to for awhile!

Here are some ideas for you — and we’ve even separated them by age group:

Preschool and Kindergarten

  • Have them count the steps around your fiberglass pool. Discuss why it takes less steps for you than it does for them.
  • Examine all of the shapes around the swimming pool, such as the diving board is a rectangle, and see who can name the most shapes.
  • Much like Red-Light-Green-Light, have one child be the “shark” at one side of the shallow end and the rest of the children on the other end. The kids call out, “What time is it Mr. Shark?” and the shark says a time. This repeats until the kids are close and the shark turns and responds with “dinner time” and tags the nearest player, who is then the shark.

1st Grade to 3rd Grade

  • Find a variety of typical portable swimming pool accessories, such as pool noodles, diving rings, beach balls, etc. Have the kids guess how many of each it would take to span the length of the pool and then have them “measure” to see who estimated more effectively.
  • Discuss weight and volume by dropping a variety of water resistant objects into the pool and discussing which made the biggest splash and why.
  • Using ping pong balls, write a variety of numbers on them. Call out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems (depending on the age). The first to grab the ping pong balls with the correct answer wins. Have the first child who gets three wins start calling out equations.

4th Grade to 6th Grade

  • Work together to calculate the total area of the pool. What is the volume? How many gallons does it hold?
  • Use a stopwatch for a variety of timed tasks, such as swimming from one end of the pool to the other, going down the slide or diving off the diving board. Then have the kids calculate each person’s average time to find the winner.

Who knew that swimming pools Fayetteville NC could be educational as well as fun? It’s all in how you present these “games” to your kids to create a productive afternoon this summer!