Why Fiberglass?

Sure, there are pros and cons when it comes to different types of swimming pools. But if you’re looking for a pool that’s easy to maintain, fiberglass is a great option for you! Check out our list of why a fiberglass pool is a great option for the Fayetteville and Raleigh areas.

Easy installation. We can install your fiberglass pool in Fayetteville and have it ready to use within 2 weeks. Yes, you read that right: TWO weeks! Because a fiberglass pool is one piece, inclement weather doesn’t have as much of an impact during the installation process.

Less cleaning and corrosion. The smooth surface of a fiberglass pool is known to stubbornly resist algae, which makes it a breeze for you to clean. Fiberglass also resists corrosion, so it’s an excellent option for salt sanitation systems.

Very few repairs. Fiberglass pools don’t need to be patched or resurfaced like concrete pools. They also don’t need new liners. If repairs ever do need to be done on your fiberglass pool in Fayetteville, it will be quick and easy.

blue-hawaiian-pools-home-3Lower operating costs. Of course your fiberglass pool looks nothing like that pink insulation used in your attic… but it’s made of the same material! Fiberglass is an excellent insulator, so your pool water still stay warmer and you use less energy to keep it warm.

Durability. When the surrounding soil expands and contracts, fiberglass can flex in response.

Customizable features. Adding features to your fiberglass swimming pool will help your backyard become the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Choose from diving boards, slides, lighting, molded steps, benches, tanning ledges, and more.

Low cost of ownership. When calculating the cost to own and operate a pool, fiberglass swimming pools are some of the least expensive.

Fewer shipping costs. We have our own commercial driver who will pick up your pool directly from the factory. Shipping costs for Parrot Bay Pools are less than $400, compared to thousands of dollars in shipping costs our competitors have to pay. This helps us sell you a higher quality pool at prices that are comparable to anyone else in the area.

Lifetime warranty. The fiberglass pools we sell here at Parrot Bay Pools come with a lifetime warranty.