Easter Games in Your NC Swimming Pool

Are you looking for a new and inventive way to have an Easter egg hunt in your backyard? Are your older kids tired of the traditional hide-n-seek? Well, if your NC swimming pool is open for the season, consider these suggestions to change things up for the Easter holiday!

e7283ab761bce296619c2eb7f08624b9Bob for Easter Eggs in Your NC Swimming Pool

Toss those empty, plastic Easter eggs in the pool. Set a timer and send the kiddos racing to get the most eggs in the allotted time frame. This is, of course, an activity that requires supervision. We recommend having separate competitions for the big kids and the little ones for safety reasons. Do two to three rounds by age as the need arises (with eggs in the shallow end only for smaller children). Or extend the fun and have each kid go one at a time to see who gets the most eggs in two minutes.

 Enjoy an Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

Weight the plastic Easter eggs with coins and they’ll sink to the bottom of the pool. Tip: if you put too much weight in the egg, the pressure of the water will make it pop open. Have everyone dive in at once to find the most eggs before they’re all gone, or make it an individual competition to see how long it takes each of them to find them all (kid with the best time gets an extra five dollars). Utilize swimming pool accessories like LED lights and do the egg hunt at night to make it more interesting.

Isn’t it great how versatile swimming pools, Raleigh, NC, can be for great fun with family and friends? The above ground swimming pool and deck design (or in-ground fiberglass pool installation) are a great idea!