Swimming Pool Math Games

ping pong math2If you have preschool to elementary aged children, you may be always looking for opportunities to help them learn in fun and inventive ways. So how about helping them practice math while playing in the swimming pool Raleigh NC? They might not even catch on to what you’re up to for awhile!

Here are some ideas for you — and we’ve even separated them by age group:

Preschool and Kindergarten

  • Have them count the steps around your fiberglass pool. Discuss why it takes less steps for you than it does for them.
  • Examine all of the shapes around the swimming pool, such as the diving board is a rectangle, and see who can name the most shapes.
  • Much like Red-Light-Green-Light, have one child be the “shark” at one side of the shallow end and the rest of the children on the other end. The kids call out, “What time is it Mr. Shark?” and the shark says a time. This repeats until the kids are close and the shark turns and responds with “dinner time” and tags the nearest player, who is then the shark.

1st Grade to 3rd Grade

  • Find a variety of typical portable swimming pool accessories, such as pool noodles, diving rings, beach balls, etc. Have the kids guess how many of each it would take to span the length of the pool and then have them “measure” to see who estimated more effectively.
  • Discuss weight and volume by dropping a variety of water resistant objects into the pool and discussing which made the biggest splash and why.
  • Using ping pong balls, write a variety of numbers on them. Call out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems (depending on the age). The first to grab the ping pong balls with the correct answer wins. Have the first child who gets three wins start calling out equations.

4th Grade to 6th Grade

  • Work together to calculate the total area of the pool. What is the volume? How many gallons does it hold?
  • Use a stopwatch for a variety of timed tasks, such as swimming from one end of the pool to the other, going down the slide or diving off the diving board. Then have the kids calculate each person’s average time to find the winner.

Who knew that swimming pools Fayetteville NC could be educational as well as fun? It’s all in how you present these “games” to your kids to create a productive afternoon this summer!

Summer Drink Recipes for Your Pool Party

One of the most glorious things about having a swimming pool Fayetteville NC is the opportunity to host summer parties… well if that’s your thing, anyway. And what’s a must have for a great swimming pool party? Well, awesome summer drinks of course!

drinks poolside

For the Heavy Lifters & Double Fisters

For the Light Weights & Offspring

A cool dip in the swimming pool Raleigh NC with a refreshing drink in hand? Hello summer! Create a Summer Drink Bucket List and get this party started!

4th of July Pool Party

Celebrate Independence Day with a Pool Party! It’s a great excuse to get together for Bar-B-Que and swimming pool fun! Here are some tips for planning your 4th of July themed gathering.

Make the Pool and Backyard Festive

154567738-630x406If you’ve yet to install your above ground pool, and really want to get into the holiday spirit, then let us help you choose your perfect pool — and ordering now should have it up and ready just in time for your party.

Then, for the party, spruce up your pool even more with floating red, white and blue LED lights or glow sticks tossed in the water. You might also consider colored pool accessories, such as beach balls, floating lounge chairs, etc. Change the cushions on your outdoor furniture to colors that match the holiday as well. Hang red, white and blue lights or paper lanterns from anything in the backyard that will stand still, such as a tree or your pergola.

Feed a Crowd

It’s not a pool party without some awesome food; there are so many options! Have a potluck where all the guests bring sides and you provide the meat, be the hostess with the mostest and create a menu, or find your sweet spot somewhere in between. Try any one of these easy 4th of July recipes from Good Housekeeping, or a few recipes from Delish, or go all out and start a Pinterest board to get brainstorming!

Wrap it up with Fireworks

This too, has so many options! You can have your party on a different day than the main thoroughfare so everyone can do their own thing, such as watch a local grandiose display. Maybe you’re super lucky and can see that grandiose display perfectly from your backyard — in which case, you should definitely plan your party for that night and avoid the crazy crowds to just be with your closest friends and family.

Regardless of how you do it, shoot off at least a few fireworks at your 4th of July party, since that’s what the holiday is notoriously known for. Whether you provide them all yourself, do potluck fireworks to share, or everyone just bring their own, it’s a necessary part of your party plan, for sure.

With a little planning, you’re sure to bring together a great swimming pool party for the holiday. Have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Pool Features That Will Make Neighbors Jealous

Having a swimming pool Raleigh NC is great fun, there is no doubt, but you don’t want something simple. You want something grand! You want something the neighbors will stop and stare at in awe. And that means adding some really nice features to your fiberglass pool installation that make it look awesome and that add to your swimming enjoyment.

water features

Water Features

Adding water features to your swimming pool Fayetteville NC gives it the visual appeal you’ve been looking for to make an impact. There are several water features to choose from:

  • Waterfall – Include a waterfall on the side that trickles into the swimming pool for a calming affect.
  • Fountains – Fountains that pour across the pool are a beautiful visual, and can add a little fun to your swim time.
  • Infinity Pool – An infinity pool has one recessed side so the water flows over it into a basin. It provides a visual effect that resembles an ocean flowing endlessly into the horizon.

Light Features

Take those gorgeous water features to the next level by adding LED lights. You can get them in your favorite stationery colors, with the option to change them, or with variable colors that cycle through changing on their own. Even if you don’t have water features, LED lights in the swimming pool water will really add a romantic aura to evening swims, and elegance to your backyard design.

The Other Extras

Add a sound system for playing relaxing jazz music for your evening swim or something fun and upbeat while the kids swim during the day. Get a fancy spiral slide for added enjoyment. And, rather than just normal steps into the swimming pool design, consider a “shore line” design, which is a gradual incline into the water, just like at the beach.

Whatever features you decide on, spiffing up your pool (whether with an upgrade or starting from scratch) with all the bells and whistles is sure to make it the hub of the neighborhood. And if you’d rather keep it all to yourself, you can take pride in watching the neighbors covet from afar.