Memorial Day Pool Party Ideas

Are you excited to show off your new in-ground or above ground swimming pool Fayetteville NC? Why not kick off the swimming season with a Memorial Day pool party at your place? Before you send out the invites though, let’s do some planning.

Grill it Up

Now’s the time to add a firepit or barbecue pit to your backyard design, so that your guests can enjoy an awesome outdoor meal. After all, what’s a Memorial Day gathering without striking a match and grilling up some succulent meats? We can help you find the perfect flame-based addition for your yard just in time for your big weekend gathering.

PB above ground w familyDeck the Pool Walls

Not everyone is going to want to be swimming the entire time, regardless of how awesome your new above ground pool Raleigh NC may be (especially if you got it from Parrot Bay!). For those sun bathers or Grandma Jean who would rather just watch the kids play in the water, a deck is a perfect place for them to relax and enjoy the festivities. Guess what, we can help you with your desk design too!

Pool Party Games

What’s a Memorial Day pool party without some games?

*An inexpensive and lightweight bucket filled with water becomes a piñata when whacked with a pool noodle (suspend it on a rope that a couple of adults hold on either side of the pool).

*Play a pool version of Hot Potato by keeping a beach ball in the air as long as possible (drop it or hit it out of the pool area and you’re out!).

*A floating card table is a great way for the adults to play some Blackjack or Poker while in the pool.

Your Memorial Day pool party can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be – everyone will be happy with swimming and food involved! And Parrot Bay Pools can help you get ready just in time, from full above ground pool installation Raleigh NC to putting in a deck or a firepit. We’re here to help.

Deck Ideas for Your Pool

PB above ground w deckWhen you’re creating a backyard oasis, you want it to look amazing. In addition to your in-ground or above ground swimming pool Raleigh NC, a deck can really add visual appeal and give your family and friends a great place to soak up the sun and relax together when they’re not swimming. It’s the ultimate spot for entertaining.


Multi-Level Decks

One way to add interest to your swimming pool design is to add a multi-level deck, such as with a partial in-ground swimming pool, which has varying surface levels. This deck design works well with a sloped backyard, or when you have more than one story to your home, where you can build a deck for each story to utilize, from the pool to the top floor.

Make Your Deck Curvy

Most deck designs consist of straight lines, so a curved deck design can contribute to an elegant backyard theme. Follow the curve of your above ground pool Fayetteville NC, or use your curved deck to add contrast to the straight lights of your rectangular in-ground pool.

Use the Unexpected for Your Deck

You’re not limited to cedar 2x4s – your deck design can be anything you want it to be. For a more modern look, use bamboo panels. Or change the directionality of the wood throughout the deck for a visually appealing design.

Several different staining or paint options are available too. Mix and match – place your wood deck next to stamped concrete for contrast and versatility around your above ground swimming pool. Or even add a pergola or structure to one part of your deck so guests can choose from sun or shade.

Designing your swimming pool deck isn’t just about usability, but also visual appeal. At Parrot Bay Pools, we’re excited to help you design an outdoor space that’s all your own, from your in-ground or above ground swimming pool to your deck.

Above Ground Pool Packages from Parrot Bay Pools

AGP with deckAs you shop for your new above ground pool and compare dealers, we wanted to take some time to tell you a little bit about the above ground pool Raleigh NC packages that Parrot Bay Pools offers. One thing you’ll notice right off is that they are all-inclusive – you get far more in our packages than you’ll get with any online retailer!


Maximum Value Pool Package

This package includes all that you need for the pool installation process, including permits, excavation, setting of the pool (including a $250 crane credit) and installation (including any necessary concrete footings). You’ll also receive:

  • Above ground pool liner
  • White pool steps (small upgrade fee for colored steps)
  • Standard plumbing
  • Ladder and handrail
  • Equipment pad
  • Sand filter, pool pump, skimmers, returns and drains
  • Vacuum hose, vacuum head, pool brush, and skimmer net
  • Pool and water testing kit

Just Add Water Pool Package

This above ground pool Fayetteville NC package is great for families who want a quality pool without all of the extras. It comes with everything the Maximum Value Pool Package includes, and also four feet of concrete around the pool and an $850 electrical allowance, including grounding.

High Quality, Easy Maintenance Pool Package

If you’re looking for built-in easy maintenance with your above ground pool design, then this is the package for you. It includes everything that’s standard in the Just Add Water Pool Package and also:

  • A variable speed pump
  • A light in the deep end of the pool
  • Saltwater or UV sanitation

Artisan Series Pool Package

This above ground pool package is designed for families who want a beautiful, quality pool that comes with easy maintenance too. This comes with a few upgrades from the above packages, including:

  • Artisian ladder and handrail
  • A variable speed pump
  • Two to three colored lights (based on the size of the pool)
  • Saltwater or UV sanitation
  • 4 deck jets
  • 4 feet of concrete around the pool
  • 4 pallets of sod around the concrete patio
  • Safety cover

It’s important to us at Parrot Bay Pools that we provide you with exactly what you need for your above ground swimming pool design. We’ll even tweak one of the above packages for you for moderate upgrade charges. Contact us for more details.

Above Ground Pool Safety

Maybe one of the reasons you went with an above ground pool was for added safety. After all, it’s harder for children or pets to fall into a pool raised several feet off the ground than it is for them to stumble into an in-ground pool.

However, as with anything of that nature, you should take some additional safety measures to protect all access points, especially if you have little ones.

Deck Access Safety

If you have or are planning to build a deck around your above ground swimming pool Fayetteville NC, this can provide easier access to the water if you don’t take extra precautions. The deck should have a railing and a gate at the top of the stairs that only latches from the inside. Most children at risk of drowning will not be able to reach a latch of that nature, or simply may not know how to use it. As an extra step, add a lock to the gate that requires either a key or combination.

Ladder Safety

If you’re above ground pool Raleigh NC doesn’t have a deck, then you likely have a ladder to access the water. When the pool is not in use, your ladder needs to be removed from the pool and put away in a secure location to make sure your children don’t get into the pool unsupervised. Another option is a retractable ladder that will lock in an upward position when not in use.

Water Security

There are also water security systems available that, when activated, will alert you when the water is breached. You can get systems that transmit a signal to an alarm you install indoors so that you can always hear it. Some of these attach to the side of the pool and others float in the water. All of them can be shut off manually when you’re actually using the pool together too.

We’re excited you’ve selected an above ground pool Fayetteville NC for your family to enjoy together. There is certainly nothing wrong with taking extra security measure to make sure your family is safe even when the pool is not in use.