Saltwater Swimming Pools FAQs

Most Common Saltwater Swimming Pool Questions

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The most common question asked in the past year was, “What equipment do I need to buy to change my pool to a saltwater pool?”

The answer for this is very simple: none other than the chlorine generator itself. You can use your standard pool pump and filter as long as they sufficiently produce the required water flow. If you have a maze of plumbing, equipment that is a long way from the pool or an undersized circulation system, this could be a problem, but these situations are rare. The chlorine generator is easily installed into the existing plumbing. Be sure you check on the electrical requirements for operation. Some plug into a 110V outlet, and some units are wired to the pump. Be sure to read the installation manual so that safety and warranty issues do not become a problem. Many above ground pool warranties will be voided if a chlorine generator is used, so be sure to do your research.

The second most frequently asked question was, “Why are you talking about a chlorine generator when I asked about a saltwater pool?”

Saltwater pools are chlorine pools. You use salt to produce chlorine in the form of sodium hypochlorite, or very strong bleach. This process has been used since the 1800s, but has become more user-friendly and safer. An energized cell will cause the salt and water to change into chlorine and by-product gases. It is common to see small bubbles where the water returns to the pool. These bubbles are the by-product gas. Then, the chlorine goes into the pool and grabs some nasty stuff, like ammonia from sweat and urine. The chlorine becomes a chloramine that usually hangs around until you “shock” the pool. However, with a chlorine generator, the chloramine will travel back through the energized cell and become salt, water and by-product gas. Then, it will be ready to start the process over again. This enables you to shock less frequently or not at all with chlorine. Of course, every pool is different; many factors determine the type of care it needs.


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Will the Swimming Pool you Build Belong in the Stone Age?

Not if it’s built by Parrot Bay Pools & Spas. We travel all across the country to meet with pool builders and vendors to find out the latest trends in the pool and spa industry. Check out these products to see if you would use them in your pool installation. Some of these products are so new they aren’t being produced yet, but some of them are ready to use and are already making our customers’ lives easier and a little bit more trendy.

5 Trendiest and Most Useful Items Found

at the Pool Spa Patio Expo

Our owners traveled to Nevada this month to attend the annual Pool Spa Patio Expo. Here are some of the newest items they found:
swim safe kid
Swim Safe
SwimSafe™ is a state-of the art wearable swim monitor worn by swimmers and aquatics enthusiasts of all ages. From kids taking swim lessons and just learning to swim, to the elderly who may no longer swim, SwimSafe helps keep your family safe. Using our RFAO wireless technology, SwimSafe™ is always communicating with the portable hub. The Hub can monitor dozens of SwimSafe™ Bands, and the Band and Hub provide visible and audible alarm warnings when a swimmer is submerged for too long.

Why Do We Like It?
It is different from other pool safety monitoring systems because it allows the swimmer to be in the water, yet monitors how long they have been under the water and alerts when there could be a drowning risk. Did you know 85% of drownings occur when both parents are with the child? That’s because mom thinks dad is watching and dad thinks mom’s got it under control. These are currently in a pre-order stage and we do expect the price to come down. But, can you put a price on safety?
Lightstreams Multi-Color Iridescent Glass Swimming Pool Tiles

Lightstreams Exquisite Glass Tile
Whether you want a fiberglass or concrete pool these glass tiles are the ones for you.

Why We Like Them
The Lightstreams Tiles were the most beautiful tiles on the entire show floor. We looked at a lot of tile and they caught the most light and truly were exquisite.

Wooden Diving Boards wooden diving board pool builders

The first wooden diving boards ever made. It is handmade and yes still has the power to bend.

Why We Like It
It looks more like a piece of art than a diving board. The photo does not do it justice. It is truly beautiful in person.

Illumavision illumavision pool light
With the new pool light from Pentair you will be able to load images and project them onto your pool floor! Yes, you read that correctly. You can be the most popular party planner ever. Project images for kids birthday parties, work Christmas parties, etc. It has a slide show feature too. The best part is if you have an older, large Pentair light, they fit the same niche. Yes, the pool light has been modernized.

Why We Like It
It’s clearly the best advance in pool lighting since the colored light. Did we mention, this one changes colors too.

cFloat is an advanced system that collects information from your pool and surrounding environment and sends it directly to your smartphone.It even tells you when there is unexpected movement in the pool and measures your dives and cannonballs!

Why We Love It
It is great information for the homeowner and even better for us as a service provider. We will automatically be able to tell if your pool is in trouble and can send a technician only when needed with the appropriate chemicals.

Let us know what you think of these innovative swimming pool products. Call us with any questions at 910-429-0086.

5 Tips for Closing Your Swimming Pool

5 Tips For Properly Closing Your Swimming Pool

1. Adjust your pH level to the correct level for your type of pool.

2. Adjust your calcium and alkalinity to required levels.

3. Clean the pool. Remove all of the debris and brush the walls.

4. Add your winterizing chemicals including algaecide.

5. Adjust water levels and winterize plumbing lines based on the manufacturer’s instructions and install your cover.

pool closed

As always call Parrot Bay Pools if you need to utilize our swimming pool closing services 910-429-0086.

Receive your free water test with closing kit purchase.

water test